Creating Services Like No Other

For over five decades, we’ve created inspired personalized tributes for families in and around Cincinnati. Whether you’d like a gold hearse or limousine present or the repast space decorated with your loved one’s favorite flower, our passionate team is ready to organize a one-of-a-kind service.

Support Your Loved Ones Near and Far

Families can take advantage of our traditional, top–of-the-line Hammond organs located in both our chapels by having a musical family member or professional musician play your loved one’s favorite songs. On the flip side, technology has opened up options around personalization like tribute videos, memorial websites, and live funeral webcasting for faraway family and friends.

Keep reading for more ideas on how to personalize your loved one’s service.

Ideas to Personalize the Service

Military Honors

Repast & Catering

Floral Selection

Custom Photos

Thumbprint Jewelry

Butterfly Release

Limousine Service

Graveside Service

Printed Memorabilia


Video Tribute

Candlelight Ceremony

Balloon Signing & Release

Live Music

Horse Drawn Carriage

Casket Personalization


Balloon releases are not allowed at Spring Grove Cemetery or Oak Hill Cemetery.



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