We’ll help you decide on the final resting place that’s right for you.

Explore all the available options below.  

Ground Burial 

Ground burial entails placing a casket anywhere from a business-owned cemetery or memorial park to a church-owned graveyard and private cemetery located on personal property. Oftentimes, caskets are placed in a burial container, such as a burial vault, before being placed in the ground. Families can choose to place custom-made monuments, headstones, and grave markers atop as a memorial to their loved one.


Entombment involves placing a casket in a crypt within a mausoleum. This burial process requires no outer burial container. Usually, the loved one’s name is affixed to or engraved on the stone surrounding the outside of the crypt.

Green Burial

Green burial is one of the latest burial trends. It allows for natural decomposition and minimizes environmental effects of burial. With this process, embalming and concrete vaults are often skipped in favor of protecting the environment. A biodegradable casket or container is used to reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint.


Cremated remains are often placed in a decorative urn or box for memorialization. Family members can choose to have the container buried in the ground or stored in a crypt or niche. Our team has established partnerships with both Spring Grove Cemetery and Oak Hill Cemetery — two of the best-known and historic cemeteries in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are proud to provide families with even more options when it comes to burial and memorialization options. The families we serve at Thompson, Hall and Jordan are also eligible to receive discounted services for burial at these two trusted establishments. This is just one of the many ways we go above and beyond to help Cincinnati families.