Funeral Options


Visitation —

Each visitation is held in either our funeral home or another controlled environment where guests can express their condolences to the family. Our empathetic staff works hard to ensure family members feel comfortable enough to express their authentic emotions.

Funeral or Memorial Service —

Rituals and ceremonies make most people feel safe. A funeral or memorial service provides a neutral space in which to broach difficult topics and experience intense emotions. At Thompson, Hall & Jordan, we’ll book the chapel, church, or alternative venue for your event. Our professional staff can also help you incorporate a number of elements into the service, from being hosted by a sympathetic minister or officiant to a slideshow of photographs and/or a video presentation.

Graveside Service —

The graveside service lets family and friends escort their loved one to their final resting place. Including a graveside service in your funeral planning allows you to say goodbye to your loved one and pay your respects in a special location you’ll never forget.

Grief Resources —

Our compassionate staff at Thompson, Hall & Jordan uses our comprehensive list of support groups and community resources to connect families with the right grief resources for them. For added support, we are happy to make referrals to area counselors. We also offer complimentary grief services for every family we serve, whether it’s before, during, or after the funeral.